About Me

I’ve been blogging about tennis, mainly the ATP Tour, since 2014. I like to breakdown the matchups at tennis tournaments more or less to see if I know half of what I think I know about the sport. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. What I don’t do is skimp on research. I look back at tournaments and how players have performed there and how a player is performing currently, and then try my best to look at how the draw make shake out for a tournament. Perhaps my favorite part of tournament breakdowns is looking at early upsets. They’re going to happen and pin pointing them I think is beneficial to most who are looking to try and sort out who may or may not win a tournament.

I like watching tape on players and how they go at a particular opponent. Finding the patterns of play fascinates me and hopefully that sort of information helps provide my readers with some of the keys for a certain matchup. I also pride myself on my doubles knowledge. There aren’t many people who pay much attention to doubles outside of a Grand Slam setting. Not me. Doubles is a fun watch and I love finding edges in key matchups to try and find those doubles underdogs who may do damage for the week. I certainly don’t know it all or claim to, but I hope that my ramblings on this site and Twitter can help enhance whatever you’re looking for in your tennis world.

This is something I do in my spare time in addition to working a regular eight hour a day job, so if you find anything useful on this site, I gladly accept donations if for nothing else than to pay for the domain name each year.

Engage with me on Twitter or via e-mail if that is more you’re speed. I’m always willing to talk tennis and give my opinion.

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