Good Kit/Ugly Kit: Barcelona

It’s Monday, you know what that means. More good kits. More ugly kits. This time it’s the looks that dazzled the peepers and/or invoked the gag reflex in Barcelona. Carlos Alcaraz successfully defending his singles title at the Barcelona Open and Maximo Gonzalez and Andres Molteni scored their third ATP doubles title of the season with a surprise run to the doubles crowns.


This checks all the boxes for what most people want to see in a kit and being that it’s a doubles team with matching kits, it makes it that much better for most. Maximo Gonzalez and Andres Molteni show once again that Fila is undefeated in making clean, simple kits that play so well from top to bottom. Yes, it’s orange as the main color so they had your Pig here at hello. The complimentary color blue is featured prominently with the subtle strips up top balancing the mostly blue shorts. The cherry on top of this kit sundae is the shoes that match the shirt color – that’s one of the things that really sways me.


Listen, this kit is “fine” in its simplicity I suppose, but it’s another example of how Nike just has no clue how to balance their attempts at style. They either go too wild or in this case, too plain. The zipper on the shirt DRIVES ME INSANE. If there was a little yellow on the shorts of black on the shirt with some sleek design, this would probably be a perfect kit for me. Instead though, Sinner is relegated to another Plain Jane kit that cues a big yawn. Most of his kits seem to follow this pattern of being super basic and while I’ll take that over their crazy doodle or that fugly Tiafoe flower kit, this still misses the mark for me.


There is no way I can pass on giving my man Feliciano Lopez some love here for a clean kit as he nears the finish line for his career. There’s nothing flashy about this kit from Joma and that’s alright by me. It’s just some basic blue and white, but the design takes away from it being too plain a-la Jannik Sinner. Blue shorts to match are the proper choice to keep Feliciano looking Delcianio as per usual.


Ben Shelton flipped from New Balance to On last month and this kit from On is a miss for me. It looks like Mom poured some bleach into the wash and it got part of his all-blue kit damaged in the process. Maybe a more gradual fade across the kit would bring forth a better feeling for me, but the harsh cut from blue to white isn’t something I like. I will be interested to see his future kits from this company because New Balance has always been a pretty good, clean kit maker.

That’s it for this week’s kit reviews. Follow me @tennispig this week as I start dissecting the Madrid kits!


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